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Berney Arms station has actually seen some investment during 2003 and 2004, including the installation of a small shelter to keep out of the rain (or the sun!) and the erection of a new sign which is very similar in style to the original Great Eastern one which was removed in the 1990s after many years service.

Further pictures of the station at Berney Arms along with a brief history can be found on the first page.

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    Berney Arms facilities
Station sign, shelter and information point all crowd together on the platform. The small shelter has just enough room for three or four people and no doubt will be welcome on a wet day as there is nothing else around.
(August 15th 2003).
    Cycle racks at Berney Arms
Even a station as small as Berney Arms is equipped with somewhere to lock up cycles whilst exploring the area .
(August 15th 2003)
    Rail level at Berney Arms
Viewed from rail level looking towards Great Yarmouth direction the station has a tidy appearance on a glorious summer's day.
(August 15th 2003)
    Busy day at the Arms
A crowded platform at Berney as the Norwich train approaches. The guard was quite surprised!.
(August 15th 2003)
    Wherry Lines sign
The colourful "Wherry Lines" sign at Berney Arms station. The Wherry lines comprises the local branches between Norwich and Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.
(August 15th 2003)
    The new shelter makes an appearance
Tony Kendall stands alongside the new shelter shortly after it was erected on the platform of Berney Arms station.
(June 1st 2003 - copyright Tony & Brenda Kendall)
    The sign is ready!
The new Berney Arms sign stands completed and awaiting its move to the station. Pictured with it are Paul "Jimmy" Reynolds and Charlie Fisk who constructed it.
(October 2003 - copyright Chris Fisk)
    "New" sign at Berney Arms
Berney Arms station takes on its former appearance with the erection of a duplicate Great Eastern sign. Pictured on the left are Charlie Fisk and Paul Reynolds, the two craftsmen who made it and on the right the two contractors employed by Norfolk County Council to erect it. Compare this with the pictures on the earlier page.
(February 2004 - copyright Paul Ryan)
    Berney Arms in summer time
Another view of the replacement sign at Berney Arms station. Several months have passed and it has taken on the appearance of having always been there.
(August 15th 2004)
    Berney Arms signalbox at the Mangapps Railway
The old signalbox from Berney Arms ended up initially at Lingwood and was later transported to the Mangapps Railway Museum in Burnham-on-Crouch in the late 1980s. It now houses a 4 lever frame and controls movements on the Mangapps main line.
(March 2007 - copyright John Jolly)
    Berney Arms station with new seating
Looking towards Norwich, the platform at Berney Arms has now been embellished with new seating, though is now minus the shelter after a spate of bad weather.
(January 14th 2019 - copyright Alan Helsdon)
    Berney Arms platform arrangement
Alongside the new seats and the signs, the new means of calling for assistance is visible in this view of the platform looking east towards Great Yarmouth.
(January 14th 2019 - copyright Alan Helsdon)
    New seating at Berney Arms
A closer view of the spartan seating arrangement at Berney Arms, which now has six seats provided for the waiting crowds.
(January 14th 2019 - copyright Alan Helsdon)
    Use the subway!
Ambitious signing at Berney Arms states that the subway or footbridge must be used to reach any other platforms!
(May 6th 2019 - copyright Alan Helsdon)
    The Middle of Nowhere
The map at Berney Arms station is lacking in detail, only emphasizing its remote location.
(December 17th 2019 - copyright Alan Helsdon)
    A fine day at Berney Arms
The station slumbers on a bright winter's day as it awaits the return of regular stopping trains, after the enforced break for resignalling and permanent way work on the Reedham to Great Yarmouth route.
(December 17th 2019 - copyright Alan Helsdon)
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