Great Yarmouth & Gorleston-on-Sea

"The river lies on the west side of the town and, being grown very large and deep by receiving all the rivers of this side the county, forms the haven; and the town facing west also, and open to the river, makes the finest quay in England, if not in Europe, at least equalling Marseilles itself. The ships rode here so close, as it were keeping up one another, with their heads fast on shore, that for half a mile together they go across the stream with their bowsprits over the land, their bows or heads touching the very wharf; so that one may walk from ship to ship as on a floating bridge all along the shore side. The quay, reaching from the drawbridge almost to the south gate, is so spacious and wide, that in places it's near 100 yards from the houses to the wharf."

Daniel Defoe, 1724

Great Yarmouth, and its close neighbour Gorleston, are situated on the East Norfolk coast of England, approximately 120 miles from London. These pages and its links are intended to give a photographic history of some of the towns' locations, both past and present, with the emphasis on a transport theme.

You can explore Gt. Yarmouth's rail connections, providing short histories of the lines into the town with a pictorial record of some of its stations. Also included is a map tour of the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway to North Walsham. This route was very popular with holidaymakers up to the 1950s due to the camps along its route. Also included are examples of some of the old tickets in use on the line.

For those interested in memorabilia of Yarmouth's railway past there is a section containing railwayana and another with memories of past and present residents of the town from days long gone.

Bringing things slightly more up to date there is a pictorial record of the construction of the Gorleston Inner Relief Road. These pages show progress on the route from the A47 near Yarmouth Vauxhall station to the A12 at the junction of Middleton Road and Lowestoft Road in Gorleston. Other pages exhibit a general collection of scenes from around Great Yarmouth & Gorleston - A miscellany of pictures. Finally for anyone keen on cartographical history there are a number of old maps of the town detailing change over the last 130 years.