Berney Arms - River & Marsh

Berney Arms is situated in the middle of the Halvergate marshes close to the Western end of Breydon Water. In fact there are two rivers entering Breydon Water near Berney Arms, the first the Waveney, comes in from the South, whilst the Yare arrives from Norwich and is the one on which Berney Arms mill and the pub are situated. The whole area to the North of the mill is criss-crossed by dykes and drainage channels making walking a "diverting" experience.

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    The ship Jim-M at Berney Arms
This ship, together with its sisters, Polly-M and Ellen-M carried cargos of coal, oil, wood or beet between Yarmouth, Cantley and Norwich. Viewed from the Langley Mill on the Island the mill and farmhouse are clearly visible.
(September 1948 - Taken from the book "Berney Arms: Past & Present" by Sheila Hutchinson).
    Opening of the new Breydon Pump
Gathering at the opening of the new electric Breydon Pump. From the left are Fred Hewitt, David Wright, Myrus Sutton, Unidentified, Gordon Addison, Henry Preston(?), Joe Kerry, Billy Key, Michael Wright, Unidentified.
(1948 - Taken from the book "The Halvergate Fleet: Past & Present" by Sheila Hutchinson)
    Boating traffic in the 1950s
A great view, probably taken from the mill, of the increasing holiday boating traffic. In the 1950s people were expanding their horizons and exploring the waterways in a way in which they had never done before.
(1950s - Jarrold & Sons postcard)
    Aerial view of the River Yare
A good aerial shot of the river showing the mill as centrepiece and beyond that the public house and the boats moored on the stretch of river between.
(1980s - North Denes Aerodrome Ltd)
    River viewed from mill tower
The flatness of the landscape can be seen in this view from the tower, showing the River Yare carrying its usual holiday boat traffic.
(July 23rd 2000)
    River and mill tower viewed from pub
The sail-less tower of the mill can be seen around the curve of the river in this view taken from outside the pub.
(July 23rd 2000)
    Marshes near Berney High Mill
The low lying land and drainage channel can clearly be seen.
(July 23rd 2000)
    Yachting on Breydon Water
Boats make their way across the expanse of Breydon Water.
(August 4th 2003 - copyight Mark Healy)
    Moorings at Reedham
A colourful line-up of boats moored alongside the riverbank at Reedham.
(August 4th 2003 - copyight Mark Healy)
    Early morning at the mill
View along the bank near Berney Arms mill looking towards the pub.
(August 2004 - copyight Mark Healy)
    Sunrise over the river at Berney Arms
Views like this make it worth getting up early for! The sun rises over a calm river in the summer time.
(August 2004 - copyight Mark Healy)
    The Southern Belle passes Berney Arms Mill
The Southern Belle began operating a ferry service from Gt. Yarmouth's Haven bridge in early June 2006.
(May 9th 2006 - copyight Dave and Jean Bindon)