Bridges around Great Yarmouth

The pictures on this page show some of the railway bridges from around the Great Yarmouth area, both those in existence today and those which have subsequently been demolished. Due to the extensive rail network in the town, the flat nature of the surroundings and the presence of the rivers Yare and Bure many bridges were built. Using bridges also had a knock-on effect on road traffic in that it avoided the use of level-crossings.

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    View through Breydon Viaduct
In this view of the old viaduct across Breydon Water the opening span, normally left open for boat traffic, can be seen as can the solid nature of its construction. The viaduct was finally demolished in 1963. For more views of this bridge see the Breydon Viaduct page. (c1955)
    Bure Bridge
This bridge carried the M&GN line from Beach station across the River Bure from where it continued on an embankment before crossing the line to Vauxhall station after which it went on to the long Breydon Viaduct.
(c1958 - Ray Jones)
    Bure Bridge, prior to demolition
Twenty years on from the previous picture and shortly before its demolition, the embankments have been removed and the Bure bridge stands isolated.
(1977 - Arthur Lark)
    Bridge over Lawn Avenue
This bridge was actually constructed prior to Lawn Avenue being present, although it was intended to build the road and its houses. The line was carried to the bridge on an embankment from the Northgate street crossing and from here it continued on to the bridge over the Bure. The two ladies are Mrs Pollard (left) and Mrs Knight (right).
(1946 - courtesy Mrs D.Knight)
    Beccles Road, Gorleston-on-Sea
This bridge carried the Norfolk and Suffolk Joint line over Beccles Road until it was demolished in September 1979. As a comparison look at the two photographs of the same location without the bridge and with the new Inner Relief Road bridge.
(November 1974 - David.A.Beale, courtesy M&GN Circle, M&GNC copyright )
    Bridge Road, Gorleston-on-Sea
The Norfolk and Suffolk Joint line used to to go under here on its way to Lowestoft. The trackbed in this area has now been converted to a cycle and foot path although beyond the bridge in this view the width of the path has been considerably reduce by garden lengthening.
(August 15th 2001)
    Barnard Avenue Bridge
In the Newtown area of Great Yarmouth, this bridge once served to carry road traffic over the M&GN line to Caister-on-Sea and North Walsham.
(January 20th 2001)
    M&GN bridge, Hemsby
This bridge now stands in lonely isolation in the middle of an otherwise flat field which has no references to its railway past. At one time the M&GN line from Yarmouth Beach to North Walsham used to go under here. This view faces back towards Great Yarmouth.
(August 16th 2001)