Berney Arms Inn

Unfortunately the pub has been closed for a number of years - whether it ever re-opens only time will tell.

The Pub at Berney Arms, called appropriately enough the "Berney Arms", is an ideal resting point after a long walk across the marshes or boat trip down the river. It's a freehouse as well, serving Woodfordes ales amongst others.

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    The "Berney Arms" Inn 2000
Welcome rest stop. In days of old the pub served as a meeting place for wherrymen, wildfowlers, fishermen, cement and brick workers and poachers.
(July 23rd 2000)
    Pub Sign
Beckoning walkers, birdwatchers and boaters alike the sign shows its windmill associations.
(July 23rd 2000)
    Pulling the pints
On a very wet August afternoon there's nothing else to do but wait inside the pub with a welcome pint. The barman here is Andy Mace, whose great grandparents once lived at the old inn when it was a farmhouse.
(August 12th 2001)
    Make way at the bar
Another wet and weary traveller, Paul Hutchinson, homes in on the bar after the walk across from the station.
(August 12th 2001)
    The "Berney Arms" Inn 2002
A change of colour compared with 2000 now brightens up the pub making it easier to spot at a distance.
(August 12th 2001)
    Berney Arms Inn, East Side
The sign advertisng the local Woodbastwick based brewer "Woodfordes" can be seen in this view of the East side of the pub.
(August 12th 2001)
    Berney Arms mooring
There's a long stretch of good mooring to be found adjacent to the pub as can be seen in this view.
(April 3rd 2002)
    Berney Arms Inn in new colours
Yet another colour scheme appears on the public house.
(April 12th 2007 - Andrew Barton)
    The Inn garden
With brightly coloured tables, the mill can be seen in the background of this view looking along the river bank.
(April 12th 2007 - Andrew Barton)