Section 2: Breydon Bridge Construction

Work started on the new bridge over Breydon Water at the same time as the northern section of the road which linked up with the A47 Acle new road. Initially some of the pilings from the old railway bridge had to be removed as they unfortunately could not be reused as they were in the wrong positions. The bridge itself operates on the cantilever principle and was constructed in the Turmeric yard in Southtown before being floated down river on a barge and raised into position over the duration of one night. Opening of the bridge is controlled by an operator in the control room which is positioned on its western (Breydon Water) side.

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    Bridge is ready
The new lifting span for use on the inner-relief road is assembled and ready in the Turmeric yard on the quayside of the Yare. The journey up-river is approximately half a mile.
(January 20th 1985)
    One small gap to go
On a cold and wintry day the road bridge over Breydon water awaits the new new span.
(January 20th 1985)
    Start of the journey for the new bridge
Following completion the new lifting span for the Breydon Bridge is lifted by crane ready for lowering on to a barge for the short trip to its final destination.
(January 21st 1985)
    In it goes
In an over-night operation the new span is lifted by the giant crane and placed carefully into position on the new road bridge.
(January 21st 1985)
    Bridge up
Just a few days later the new span is in position and lifted.
(January 25th 1985)
    View from the station yard
Work continues with commissioning of the new lifting span.
(January 25th 1985)
    Bridge close-up
The cantilever assembly is still not complete as can be seen in this close-up of the bridge in its lifted position.
(January 25th 1985)

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